One of your favorite places to stay and travel to is at the hotel called the One and Only Palmilla, located in Cabo. The hotel and grounds are so beautiful- everywhere you look there are beautiful trees, flowers, and amazingly friendly staff. Even when they greet you in person they place their hand on their heart and nod to you. It’s so wonderful and makes you really feel special! Here are some photos from our trip. Hope you enjoy! Xo

I was listening to Pastor Rick Warren’s podcast today and was so moved. Because it was such a great message, I want to share it here. Love. True and Godly Love is more than a feeling we get, or something we are even fond of. True and deep love is a choice we get to make each day. To demonstrate love (in kindness in action) toward a stranger we may encounter, to our family and friends, and to everyone we meet- It is always the easy thing to love other people who love us- but the true measure of character is how we respond and show love to the person who we might annoyed with, or even not like. The 2nd greatest commandment Jesus says is “to love your neighbor as yourself.” We might know this because it’s true and we have read it a lot- and theoretically; but it’s a whole other thing in CHOOSING to love people we encounter in our every day lives- people who might be rude, or arrogant, or selfish. Often the “unlovable” people, are those that need love the most. As Christians we can be real quick to point out others’ differences- they don’t have the same political views, they follow a different doctrine, they have a sinful past- but God says in 1 Corinthians 16:14 that “Everything you do must be done WITH love.” That means being gracious and loving to someone in your life you don’t agree with- the rude driver on the road, perhaps an unkind sales clerk who helps you at a store, or just someone you meet that you don’t relate with. Everyone has a struggle and a story- and everyone just wants to be accepted, and feel loved. Of course we are imperfect and can’t always love perfectly- but that is why we are so blessed to make the choice to receive Jesus’ grace. My prayer is that we remember to demonstrate love with the people we meet and who are already in our lives. I also highly recommend listening to Pastor Rick’s podcasts. You can listen to them while you drive or are doing work. ?(and I thought what better way to post love online than macaroons and flowers ??- picture from God bless. ??xo