On snapchat, I love to share my faith, positivity, and beauty knowledge with the women who follow me, who I call my “snapchat family.” I might share what my current favorite body scrub is, or an amazing eyeliner that won’t smudge, or the store where I just got my cute shoes from. But that’s just the beginning- My God snaps, where I discuss a variety of issues of faith, dating, friendship and life-have positively impacted a lot of people who snap me back and tell me about it. 🙂

And just to keep it fun, I frequently take my viewers on virtual shopping trips- where I share where the sales are, and maybe with a giveaway at the end, as a side bonus. 😉 (I have to say, I’m the queen of giveaways!)

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Here’s some clips of some recent snaps I did:


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